Zendala Dare #51

Only a short Post. It's April the 1st - our 5th Birthday being a Couple... Yes you've read right - on the Joke Day :D A lot of our Colleges are saying that is just perfect for us... we are a funny Couple...

It is Easter Weekend (or it was) so we stayed in the South of Switzerland with his Parents and Brothers... Always funny and excited but so exhausting for me as i'm not used to have so much people on one table (i'm an only child). Yesterday evening we came home to Bern in the fog and bleak weather... we really looking forward to spring!

Hurry on, my Zendala Dare #51 

I used Snugz, some new pattern from me, phicops and crescent moon

6 Kommentare:

  1. Very Nice! And yes we are longing for spring too here in the Netherlands. I like your outside border of the zendala its kind of mystic....:)

  2. nice. I like how you used snugz.

  3. Nice work, Zasa. This one revolves beautifully!

  4. Your choice of Snugzs and the way you drew it just set this Zendala off. It's awesome.

  5. A lovely zendala with a great choise of tangles.



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