tangle a day #5 & weekly challenge #102

Since i have a lot of English Native Readers and Followers and the Google Translation is something like - throw the language in a mixer - i try to write my posts in English.
Well, there are several reasons for this changing...
1) i've learned English in School days (if i counted right: for about 8 years!) - unfortunately i was too lazy these days, too bored, too cool - short i was a bit out of the hole school thing.
2) Since i've joined www.postcrossing.com six years ago i improved my english a lot! mainly in the mail vocabulary :D but hei at least i use english everyday.
3) I really like to use english without thinking... i do have a big vocabulary but what i need is grammar, baby - not drama but grammar

summa summarum i decided to write all my further posts in english - hope you can forgive my mistakes but at least you'll understand more than when i'm writing in german or french (which is even more rusty than english) - btw: did you know that we have 4 national languages in Switzerland? But this is another Story!

Let's head to the newest Zendala Dare  - #40 (for me #3)

My resolution was to finish the Dala always on Saturday or if i have to work, on Sundays... wow! 3rd Week in the new Year and i already had a break up :/ - but a good excuse.

I prepared this post yesterday with the hope that i will finish the dala... well... i didn't instead of the dala i take part on the Weekly Diva Challenge #102

My Partner/Boyfriend/futureHubby/whatever is away this hole week - Skicamp with his pupils (Skicamp is a tradition here in Switzerland) - and it's the first time since we are a couple (5 years) that we will be separate for such a "long" time! That is love - isn't it?

Enough, here it is:

10 Kommentare:

  1. love the idea of keeping a tangle a day calendar. i'll start stalking, er, following you now. hahahaha. there's so much creative inspiration here. dropping by from swap-bot. =)

  2. Nice job. Like the added fringe on the Auraknot.

  3. Your calendar is beautifully growing into a masterpiece as you continue to embellish it with patterns like this week's challenge!

  4. I love your piles and piles of bunzo!

  5. Great job! Nice and bold!! Really like this!

  6. Hi Zasa, AWESOME zentangles, really inspiring, so much that i'm jealous. I'm dropping by from Swap-bot and glad I came across your art. Your site also looks very professional and just awesome. Keep it up :)

  7. I am so happy I found your artwork while looking at Auraknot/Bunzo challenge creations. The boldness of this one is what I find so wonderful! My breath was taken! Thank you!

  8. thank you all so much for your comments! i really appreciate every single one!



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