Zendala Dare #41 - feather-flower

Sunday morning...
we had a lot of Snow Yesterday, during the Day... in the Evening unfortunately it was raining again... that is the drawback living in the city and not up on a hill...
my boyfriend came home yesterday morning from his skicamp week - the only thing he want to do in the eve? television and a good glass of wine - I'm in! ( --> for Erin's Dala Challenge #41 ) and tangled from Narnia to James Bond :)

i had a lot of fun, using my well known tangles again... after i made some trips to unknown tangles in the past two weeks... (which was a cramp :) ) but you see, phicops and featherfall will be one of my new loved ones!

It wouldn't be me if i don't try something new: my first shaded zentangle® piece... i'm not really happy with the final result but it may be because of the soft dry pastel i used this morning... i have to take out my artist tool box next week... ooo it is definitiv time to search for a house where i ca have my own creative atelier again! i so miss my room!

well enough of babbling here it is:

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  1. I think your zendala is great. Your Phicops in the center is such a peacefull pinwheel, I can almost see it turning around. The shading of the featherfall is great, It gives me the feeling that I want to touch it, it looks so soft. I like what you did on the outside ringsbij making all those little leaves instead of circles. I always love it when the template is transfered into something personal. Great!

    1. thank you so much for this comment. i really appreciate it! you've right - the featherfall with shadings is great. it is also the first time i transfered the template and it was much more "my" thing :)

  2. Beautiful - lovely and soft looking - your featherfall is gorgeous, it is full of movement :)

  3. Very beautiful and you made à Nice combi of paterns. Lovely.

  4. I really like your feathers. Good job.

  5. Very pretty - I 'specially love your featherfall

  6. Great job on this zendala. Like the featherfall and the large phicops in the middle.

  7. Lovely! Love the tangles you used!



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