Weekly Challenge #111 - Mooka

Wow - when i've read the Weekly Challenge over at Divas Blog i thought - mmmm if Laura has so much problems with a Tangle, how does this come out when i'm doing it? LOL - Mooka - a total NEW Tangle for me.
Mooka or as we Europeans would say Mucha or in Czech Muxa =)
We were in Prague 2010 - and let me tell you only one thing: If you ever have the opportunity to visit this City - go for it! It is one of the most beautiful Old Towns i've ever been! You know i live in a dream of an old European Town (also known as the BearCity or the UNESCO City - Bern) BUT Prague my friends tops everything! Really! Why i'm talking about Prague? Well Mucha is original from there - and because he is a Praguer by Origin there is also a Mucha Museum there - just in the Center of the Old Town, nearby the famous Astronomical ClockTower. With Original Works! And trust me (yes i know i'm quite crazy right know) they are awesome! So for the last time: If you have the opportunity to visit Praha (in Czech) one Day - Go!

Back to the maintopic - Mooka. I can't understand the complaining at all! I immediately felt in love with this tangle! But this is maybe because i love one stroke tangles! It's amazing! And i feel like there are boundless possibilities in it!

As a start, my very first try with Mooka. and since i'm crazy for the whole post already -> i love it!


9 Kommentare:

  1. Like how you made the Mooka stand out.

  2. I am glad you fell in love with mooka, it is so much fun to tangle. Well done!

  3. Beautiful!!! And thank you for the description of Prague (or Praag in Dutch)

  4. Beautiful tile and interesting post! Thank you!

  5. An interesting tile. I like how you did the mooka with grey and black. Well done.

  6. Thanks for the history lesson, very interesting. Great tile too!



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