Zendala Dare #50

well my prompts were nullify by the beginning of the 2nd month this year - aargh.. time flies so fast... unbelievable i feel like the time is slipping through my fingers much faster the closer it gets to my 30rd birthday... tell me ladies and booooys... is that normal? is the time really slipping faster the older we are?

i hope to take part a bit more often in the weekly zendala Dare Challenge from Erin - her 50th!
Happy Birthday! She also redesigned the Blog - looks much more professional! Great Color Combinations! Well done Erin!

Here is my contribution this week - i noticed that i was totally cramped while tangling... ooo my - i'm not really into zentangle anymore... need more daily doses again!

6 Kommentare:

  1. Yes, Zasa, time slips away unnoticeably. Better use it sensibly!
    I love this artistic interpretation of the dare. I think you have to take this doodling business and any other artistic pursuit with you on life's journey. So this was today's statement.:-)

  2. Love the sepia tones and the tangles you chose. Wait till you hit your 60's!! Time is jet propelled - lol.

  3. Love how your zendala seems to move through space - very cool

  4. I LOVE what you did with this Dare, it's gorgeous!!!
    And, I like the way you introduce yourself is 'about me'. Great.
    And.....believe me, the years go faster every year. Nowadays I feel such a hurry, because I am 65 (since yesterday).

  5. Beautiful, bold zendala with great movement.



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