Monotangle #3

Here we go with Monotangle #3 - i had a blast making this. While i was sitting on the kitchen table on late sunday evening my partner wasn't in front of the TV as usual on sundays - noooo he was crafting with wheat paste - Lucky Luke - a project he's doing with his pupils... and it was so peaceful having him around without any interruptions - a seldom moment! Cutie was in his World!

My Goal is to use in every Monotangle Challenge Roy is publishing a complete NEW tangle for me.
This one is Aura-Leah.
i felt i must to break that grid, even though i'm a geometric lover - that was way too much for zentangle :P

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  1. Yeah, the grid is kind of intense, I do not think I'll do another pattern that is this structured for quite some time. Great job in breaking it up. Love your approach to this. Thanks for joining in on the adventure.

    1. thanks Roy - i love the Idea of Monotangling!

  2. great idea!
    wish I'd thought of that



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