Zendala Dare #52

Erin gave us a truly great template this Week.
Thank you! i had so much satisfaction yesterday evening! i was complete in my element, whilst i connected the forms - also it was interesting to see how the template was build-on and which line will follow the next within the directions.
i really had a blast in making this one! one of my favs so far. i'm not sure if i will add some color later.

The original template from this Saturday:

The Bright Owl

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  1. I can see that you had a lot of fun doing this one. It looks like you have used spirograph with the hollibaugh ribbon. Looks very complicated, to get everything in the right place. Beautiful.

    1. thank you diana - spirograph - haha i loved spirographs when i was younger! i should reuse the set again! have one in the cellar!

  2. Beautifully done! It's interesting that we've both seen the hollibaugh in the template outline, but each of ours is so very different. I love the way you've rounded the inside edges. Great shading on the outside shapes!

  3. Your zendala look beautiful, with great hollibaugh use.

  4. I love this zendala with Hollibaugh and Paradox, very well done!!!

  5. Love it! Just now viewing everyone's Dare 52 because it's the template I chose to redo for Dare 60.



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