March - Tangle A Month

I'm an active Postcrosser (for Cards) and SwapBotEr (for all crafty Stuff).
You know it isn't satisfying to create a piece of Art - and all what you're doing with it is Page Protectors, Binder, Shelf... You won't see them anymore untill you move and think - ooo how pretty look what i've done years ago... but anybody care a fig for it...
so i've started to swap them on swapbot...

This one is a swap called tangle a day calendar -> Link Swap - and i put a lot of effort in it (to be clear: the hole monday, except of 2h which i was in the garden and maybe 2 more hours where i cooked the food) - when i put so many hours in a piece of paper i expect the same from my swap partner.
i already told you before that i organize weekly swaps over there for ABC Zentangle ATC swaps - and what i'm getting as a return is sometimes really a bummer...

But well - this is the last time i'll join such a swap if the piece i receive back doesn't fit to my expectations. they aren't really high but i would like to have a piece in my Collection in which i feel the Passion and the Time somebody gave.

But for now: my own piece.

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