Zendala Dare #53

First of all: Thank you so much Erin to bring us a lot ofchallenging and beautiful templates all Year round! Happy Anniversary! One Year of Zendala Fun! Yay (though i'm only participating for some months now) --> The Bright Owl

I had so much fun with this one - and it turns out pretty nice - i like my recent work a lot - seems that i've finally found my zentangle style - bold and more twisting.

We had an awesome DAy today! The first Day with more than 20°C - if you would know me in Person, you would guess right - Zasa and Sun? = red skin... seems i'm a typical North European - LOL... But it feels so good to have the Sun in the face again!

Toda we visited my boyfriends Brother which is living in zürich with his small family. Since they are leaving Switzerland in 2 Months (going to Australia for at least 2 Years) we look forward to every Day we can share with them!

Mjam mjam

The Bright Owl

8 Kommentare:

  1. Your zendala is awesome. I love your twisty bold style.

  2. I love your bold style too! This zendala is well balanced and beautiful.
    Well, Australis is really far away. For me, living in The Netherlands, a daughter in Switzerland is far enough.

  3. Beautiful zendala, it is nice to find your style and go with the flow. I would be great if you could take the opportunity to go to Australia for a visit while they are there. We went to Australia last year for the first time (and we are in our 60's) and loved it.

  4. Very, very cool! Love the tangles you chose.

  5. OOh that did turn out nice! I like the way the shapes on the edge of the circle are kind of reflected inside-

  6. I love it..... I really like the sea shell looking one

  7. Wow it is great this one. I love the choosen tangles.

  8. I would agree that you have found your style. Would definitely stick with it. Not sure what the 4 radiating tangles are but I really like them.



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