Diva Challenge #166

Hello World! {Isn't this the first Post when you set up a new Blog?!} 
Well, for me it isn't the 1st one ever, but the 1st one in that already a bit older Year!
Where have you been, Sara? At home, at Work - but mainly in my Clouds of Hormones.
I wasn't really absent from being creative {I mean - hello?}, but my focuse was on Zentangle or any other Drwaing influenced Art. 
I'm really eager to reconcepting my Bucketlists, changing my complete Daily Life {Being a mom for the very first Time, coming August}, not yet sure if I will have more or less time for my Art and tons of Blogs {I really have to reorganize my Hobbies}.
All in All: I turned 30 last October, after a not so great Autumn with a horrible Diagnose from the Doctor - we really enjoyed the last 7 Months being pregnant and I really hope I'll find a Path to live by!

Diva Challenge #166 - UMT Diva Style

While I was tangling on the sunny balcony {first sun since two weeks!} I had a looooooooot of associations! First of all: The Rainbow Level from Super MarioKart :D {who doesn't love it?! ^^} and then the pospsicle sticks, ooo and i'm reading Tuf Voyaging by George R.R. Martin. A lot of Space and Rainbow ;)

I like the tangle but not my tangle a Day thing... somehow too Colorful for my liking.

9 Kommentare:

  1. Your choice of colors make it so lively and fun!!

  2. I really like all of the colors and especially the way you positioned the UMT pattern! Very nice. :)

    Happy tangling,

    Jacque Solomon

  3. Very colorful and bright!! Enjoy the sun, enjoy your pregnancy!

  4. Lovely! I like the rainbow colours!

  5. Very colorful. Hope that you enjoy your journey into parenthood. It is always interesting.

  6. It's so cute with the colors!



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