01,02/365 - Mail Art-Week 39 (Moon)

This week is themed. The theme is Moon inspired mail art. Please make and send 2 mail art pieces that are inspired by the Moon in some way,.......1 for each of your 2 partners.

I am challenging myself to create 365 pieces of mail art this year. It basically boils down to 1 piece of mail art, each day, for an entire year. Now, that can be done, one piece every day or 7 pieces done on Saturdays, or 30 done on one weekend, or however a person wishes to do it with the goal of 365 by years end.

This swap, helps to get some of the mail art created, in to circulation. You will have 3 partners, and you will send each person, one piece of mail art. It is sender's choice on what type of mail art is sent. I personally like postcards, as they are very artistic and can be mailed for less postage, but anything goes. ;)

The mail art being sent for this swap, can be any type of mail art. It can be a handmade postcards, decorated envelopes filled with something, ATC's, zines, bookmarks, anything sent as naked mail...like a rubber chicken, a disposable camera, or a rubber ball (Yes, you can send balls through the mail). When sending items in an envelope, please decorate the envelope also.

Your mail art can be made using any mediums, like painting, fabric, collaged, illustrated or hand drawn, beaded, or mixed media using some combination of mediums, etc. You can choose to number your art for the year like 1/2013...2/2013, etc or not. It can also be any size or shape...as long as you include enough postage on it......it's your art so it's up to you...just be creative and have fun!

What I've sent:

This is what I received and I have to admit I'm disappointed from both of the Swappers! The Orange Envelope is just, well - Cut out a picture and slam it on an Envelope is really NOT Mailart. At least she could cut straight the next time ^^ - and the one from Spain - a bit of glitter adding on a Moon Picture, printed at home? Seriously? These are Examples for quitting the MailArt Swaps... :(

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