04/365 - October Scavenger Hunt PC

This swap is combining a Scavenger Hunt with a Mail ART challenge. You will make one Mail Art PC for your one partner, that includes these items. You can include more items, and you can use any mediums that you wish, but items below must be included. You can make your Mail ART, any size or style, just include enough postage on it for what you created. 

October's Scavenger Hunt Items are: 
-Something Black 
-Other than English used some how
-a sticker of some kind 
-a tag of some kind (clothing tag, price tag, gift tag, etc) 
-any Number 

 All of your items must be used on the picture side of your Mail Art, not on the addressed side. You must include at least one item for each thing in the list. Meaning, you can not put a sticker of a number and consider both items complete. You should put some type of sticker and use a separate number.

What I've sent:

What I've received / JanHardt (US)

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