Weekly Challenge #105 & tangle a Day #13

Just a quickie from me! --> Weekly Challenge over at Divas Blog
love that ""new for me" tangle --> DANSK

and i "finished" this sheet of my beloved tangle a day calendar with zedbra and paradox.

Well, sometimes i ask myself - what can i call as a "new" tangle? Is it really Zedbra? Or is this already a new one?

As always: No shading... maybe i should start with this, someday...


9 Kommentare:

  1. Day four is so happy in Dansk! Love how it stretched into 5!

  2. Very nice. I feel that the pattern is going to take the rest of the month to wind/unwind!

  3. Very nicely done. Love the extension into the next day.

  4. Quick or not I love your pages of the callender so far. And your Dansk is stunning. I like the flow even unshaded it looks great.

  5. Perfect line work ,it has dimension without shading.



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