Inspiration Avenue Challenge #1 & Divas Weekly Challenge #106 - Year of the Snake

I had to work yesterday (saturday) though only the small shift (5 hours). Beside of that shift, which i have every 2nd week my saturdays looks always the same: It’s Zendala time =) I love routine and i darely need it when it comes to be creative. As some of you already know i used to craft and draw a lot. I used to have the mainsubject Art in Highschool, i attend an Art College in Zürich. After that i begun with my Studies to become an Art Teacher for Secondary Education. While i was at University i felt in a deep crise – some doctors said i’m burned out. Well who wonders after 21 years in school with no break between! Nowadays i recommend to everyone: Before you’re attending any College – take a YearBreak – go working, travel around the globe – make anything but go to school strightwards.
I didn’t draw fort he last 3 Years! Imagine! Before that black hole i used to draw everytime i could hold a pen in my fingers and then: 3 Years Nothing! No Collages, o drawings, no knittings – Nothing! 

Putting all in a Nutshell: I’m having a Comeback. And for being inspired and learn again to be inspired by myself i need some help in the beginning.

I’ve waited the hole Day for the new Zendala Dare #43 – but nothing appears. I know that Erin has a Comeback to and is busy in her Nursing School... so i put on Weekly Challenge into Mister Google and found the Site Inspiration Avenue Team which is posting every Monday a new Challenge – the Media you’re using is up to you.
The this Week theme: Year of Snake. I’m a pig – being a snake or a dragon sounds much nicer, doesn’t it? Well since the shade of a snake is just perfect for zentangling i decided to make a happy new year, snkae tangle tile.  Comes out very nice i think.

Cockles n Mussels

Diva Dance Foxtrot
Up and Across

Right know i’m on the way to my parents (fixing their Internet Connection) and while i’m on train i write this blogpost and checked the emails – erin is back J so immediately after i’m coming home the new template will be print out and filled with tangles. 

Inspiration Avenue Challenge Link

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  1. Congratulations on your Comeback! You are so right ~ one should not push so hard that burnout becomes a problem. Sometimes a little break is necessary.

    I love your Year of the Snake zentangle! Beautiful patterns and the flowing green snake adds the perfect touch!

    So happy you found Inspiration Avenue. We'd love to have you link up with more zentangles in future weeks, or any kind of art you like to do!

  2. Your Year of the Snake zentangle is striking! It's so important to take some time to do what you love. I'm glad you joined our challenge this week. Come back often!

  3. Lovely green snake. This ZIA is beautiful!

  4. Fantastic!! It's gorgeous and the colour is really lovely :)

  5. This is beautiful! Your added color is perfect.

  6. Such a great looking year of the snake. The color really makes it pop.

  7. I love your snake tangle!! And, I'm a Pig, also. We're good people.


  8. Beautiful, there is so much to look at.

  9. Absolutely stunning! (said the rat :-)

  10. What a great idea incorporating the year 2013 into your very striking tangle! Wonderful!



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