Candles in Tea Mugs

Late in October i stumbled over a Link to Martha Stewart on (where else?) 

I immediately felt in love with the idea to made candles out of old grannys tea mugs. 

Well i was in 3 thrift stores here in Bern to search for those mugs (couldn't steal the ones my grandmum have) finally in an old station barn in bümpliz south i found 15 of those precious things... the waxy i've bought in our local DIY Store from Migros, as well the wick... everything was bought within 30 minutes...

but then the immense odyssey begun! melting the wax wasn't that easy as i thought. the water boiled and boiled but no liquid wax in the extra bought pipe! after 2 more hours i gave up. don't ask me what went wrong at this time because the next attempt (2 weeks later) was successful from the beginning :)

the christmas gift for my relatives had a great payoff as all loved them!

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